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Some Ideas are so Simple

No Uniform Day

“This was SO easy,” says Kerri, one high school sophomore who organized a fundraiser for victims of a hurricane. “At our school, we all wear uniforms everyday, so I got the idea that kids would pay NOT to have to wear their uniforms. Coming to school in regular clothes would be a really cool thing.”

Kerri took her idea to the principal, who agreed to the fundraiser. Students who paid $2 in advance didn’t have to wear their uniforms on an upcoming Friday. It was a “free” day.

Students loved the idea, and the school raised nearly $2,500 for hurricane relief — with hardly any work involved.  Says Kerri, “All we did was hang posters announcing the Free Day, and the kids couldn’t wait to sign up.”

“When we sent that check to the hurricane-relief office, the school celebrated. Each of us only gave a little, but it added up. Together, we made a difference for those people who had lost their homes. It felt good.”