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Protecting Your Income

When you cannot work and earn

Like life insurance, disability insurance protects income. If you become too sick from an illness or too injured in an accident to go to work and earn money, disability insurance will help provide an income for you. The accident or the illness has dis-abled you: you are no longer “able” to earn your paycheck.

image of broken legWhat if you are a professional football player who has injured his leg? A brain surgeon who has developed arthritis and can no longer use her hands? What if you are a construction worker who injured your back? What if you got in an auto accident and became paralyzed? No matter what the job, people still need an income to live.

People buy disability insurance because it helps replace their lost paycheck – either while they recover from a short or long illness – or for the rest of their life. Because this is a work-related kind of insurance, many people buy this insurance through their employer.