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How One Idea Leads to Another

Sara loved animals, and she went to the nearby animal shelter to find out if there was anything she could do to help care for them. The staff taught Sara to clean cages and feed everything from lizards to rabbits. Sara loved working with the animals.

But she soon learned about how important donations were to help pay for the work that the shelter did. She also learned about a re-sale shop that the shelter ran to raise funds for the work it did with animals. The shop sold “gently used” clothes that had been donated. The shelter then sold the clothes at a fraction of their real worth.

Sara didn’t think that the kids at her nearby school knew about the shelter’s resale shop. Sara got an idea. If the students would donate clothes to the shop, these same kids might also start shopping there. High school students could bring both donations and sales to the shop.

Sara and a few friends began advertising the resale shop on bulletin boards at school. They talked up the idea whenever they could and wrote an article in the school paper. If kids would donate clothes, then the shop would become a great shopping place for teens. Plus, the prices would be great!

The idea took off so well that the shop had to expand. And in the spring, the shop opened a special section for prom dresses. The great thing about Sara’s idea was that it had something for everyone. The shelter raised the money it needed. Kids found a way to help out — and buy cool clothes at a savings. Some of the girls even volunteered to work at the store. It was a huge success!