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Giving Time & Energy

stack of cookiesYes, you can give money to help others. But what if you feel that the amount you give is not enough? There’s another way to help others. Give your time and energy. Use it to raise money for giving.

  • Join youth groups connected with your faith, scout troop, or school. Sponsor car washes, bake sales, or put on a play and charge admission. Then give the money you’ve collected to a good cause.
  • Take part in a “walk” or “run” that is raising money. Get people to sponsor you, giving $2.00 for every mile you walk or run. You’re turning your energy into dollars.
  • Get together with others and make “crafts” you can sell at school, your place of worship, or local fairs. Your work can earn contributions. People are often willing to reward your efforts and donate to a worthy cause.
  • Volunteer your time to serve food in soup kitchens or help out in a hospital. Help pack up toys with the Salvation Army during the holidays. Lend a helping hand.
  • Help organize a toy or food drive at school.
  • Get your school singing group together to perform at homes for the elderly or disabled.
  • Good in a school subject? You could tutor kids who need help.

There are lots of ways to help people without spending money. Talk to your parents, teachers, and your religious leader to get more ideas on what you can do to help others.

You CAN make a Difference