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image of parent and child with shopping bagsTeaching kids about money sounds simple enough. Everything’s pretty much small change and piggy banks, right? Yes and no. If you’re going to help your child start thinking about money, you should build a foundation that includes managing money. And that’s more than just allowing your child to impulsively spend the money that’s burning a hole in his or her pocket.

At the outset, help your child understand the choices to be made about money. Introduce these ideas – saving, spending, investing and giving to others.

Knowing that these choices exist is one of the first steps on the road to learning how to balance the ways we use money. In this Tools section, you’ll find out how to create a four-bank system to begin to define ways to use money – and how to talk to your child about each bank. 

You’ll also find ways to practice managing money in the marketplace. In today’s consumer world, kids are often on the front line of spending.

Lastly, this section contains newsletters for the whole family, packed with articles, fast facts, and games. Great ideas for better money management.

Print the Perfectcents Newsletters in this section to keep them for reference.