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Perfectcents Newsletters

perfectcents cover imageColorful and fun, Perfectcents newsletters feature short “quick-read” articles and fun games for both parents and kids. Perfectcents targets issues that families face everyday – and suggests ways to talk about them. Ideal for people with children of middle school and high school age.

The college crunch – No. 1 PDF 320kb

How’s the family college fund? Get some tips to prepare for the future, a few guidelines for allowance and some ways to start building an awareness of money with your kids.

Teen spending & smart shopping tips – No. 2 PDF 192kb

Help your kids develop purchasing smarts. Learn how to show teens that money is limited and review guidelines for talking about brand names and store brands.

To spend or to save? – No. 3 PDF 320kb

An expert talks about why fighting the save/spend battle is so hard. Plus one strategy to encourage saving and another for letting kids learn from their own mistakes. Play the doubling game!

Reaching savings goals & the dangers of credit – No. 4 PDF 224kb

Reach your savings goals by using a simple envelope system. Learn about the pros and the cons of credit cards. Buy a jacket and learn about credit card debt. Play a game and crack the code!

Opportunity cost and choices – No. 5 PDF 160kb

Learn how to stretch your dollars so your spending habits don’t ruin your plans. See how a money diary can help. Use what you learn in planning a trip to a water park.

Swallowing the bait and getting hooked – No. 6 PDF 172kb

Think you are not influenced by advertisements? Think again! Play a word game just for the fun of it.

Allowances: the parent side and the kid side – No. 7 PDF 164kb

Tips to make allowances teach responsibility and a discussion about value – getting your money’s worth.

What would life be like as a millionaire? – No. 8 PDF 180kb

Take a quiz to see how much you really know about millionaires. Learn how savings bonds work.

Tricks your mind plays when it comes to money – No. 9 PDF 156kb

When is $10 not worth $10? Turn small amounts into big amounts. Find out what rolling stones have to do with saving and spending. Play a word game to make you smarter.

How cushion money protects you. – No. 10 PDF 284kb

The first time your savings rescues you from a money disaster, you’ll be glad that you had the will power to stash some money away. Learn how parents cushion the family budget.

Where does the family money go? – No. 11 PFD 540kb

Learn about ways to teach kids about the cost of living by looking at the family’s bills. Make the connection between payroll deductions for taxes and the work of the government.

One way to practice being money smart at home. – No. 12 PDF 148K

How much does your family spend on groceries each week? Take the What’s it Cost? quiz to see how good you are at estimating prices. Play The Grocery Challenge to cut down on impulse buying.