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Parents and kids and money

As parents, we understand the importance of literacy. We sit for hours reading with our children. However, children must be “literate” about money matters, too.

Learning how to think about money and manage it wisely is an equally important life skill. We must patiently help our kids “sound out” the many ways to control money. Our kids will learn by doing. Some lessons will be thrilling. Others will be frustrating, even painful.

In the end, we hope that our children will grow into financially responsible adults. The rewards are life-altering: living within their means, free from the anxieties of debt, and secure in their future.

This section will give you tips and tools for teaching money literacy – and help you assess your ability to model good financial habits. Read on!

Just for Moms

Holiday Entertaining

The holidays force us to plan and prepare – decorations, food, gifts and of course entertaining family and friends. Halloween is just the beginning and the entertaining doesn't truly stop until after New Year's. Don't fret- here are a few ideas to help you prepare for the entertaining blitz without blowing your holiday budget.

1. Invites can be free: Sometimes for special occasions, the desire to send an old-school snail mail invite stirs within us. Two of our favorite print-at-home websites are…

2. Simple beverage menu: 36% of shoppers will overspend their holiday budget. Your guests aren't there to drink you out of house and home. Keep the drink menu simple. A maximum of 3 options should be sufficient and will help save more money than you might think!

3. The 411 on food: Real Simple magazine has compiled some great money saving ideas when it comes to party food. Our favorites from the list?